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is a SocioEthnomusicologist, Filmmaker, Writer, Educator, classically-trained Vocalist, Musician, and Performance Artist specializing in the diasporic, indigenous roots of Hip Hop culture as chronicled through African rhythm, Latino-Brazilian movement, Gospel, Blues and American Jazz.  She conducts international workshops and lectures on Critical Cultural Consciousness, Culturally Consistent Curriculum, Diversity Disciplines, Equity, Inclusive Practice, People-First Language, Children of the NeXXXt Generation, Indigenous Integration Ideology, Systemic Sovereignty, Five-Spirit Epistemology and Restorative Justice Programming.   Her musical tour,
FROM AFRICAN CROP TO BEBOP TO HIP HOP ©®™2015;  depicts the cross-cultural hybridization, transmigration and ongoing globalization of tribal rhythm and sound. 

Soul has conducted workshops for youth at all 19 Native American Pueblos and the 3 Reservations in New Mexico. Her musical work has spanned the globe opening for and performing with K.R.S.O.N.E, Melly Mel, Afrikaa Bambaata, the late Celia Cruz, the Marleys, the Wailers, Sister Carol, Cassandra Wilson, Cody Chestnut and Rochelle Ferrel. 

As a young NM transplant, she captured the State, National and International Journalism Excellence Association High School Journalist Awards, the State Title in Track & Field while at
La Cueva HS, the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship, the MLK Jr Multicultural Commission Scholarship Essay Award, the Gardenschwartz Sports Athlete of the Year Award, the Presidential Academic Achievement Award, the Prince Hall Masonic Lodge 1st Collegiate Scholarship, the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Debutante Scholarship and was the 1st African American NM Girls State Governor and the 1st African American Miss Teen Albuquerque USA. 

She went on to complete her studies on scholarship at Brown University. While at Brown University, under the tutelage of Michael Eric Dyson (Race Rules: Navigating the Color Line,) Past National Black Theater of Harlem Resident playwright Elmo Terry-Morgan,

Aisha Rahman (
Unfinished Women Cry in No Man’s Land while Bird dies in a gilded cage,) Ntzoke Shange (For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Ain’t Enuf,) Past Rhode Island Poet Laureate Michael Harper (Every Shuteye Ain't Asleep: An Anthology of African American poetry,) and A.E. Hotchner (Papa Hemingway,) she crafted her creative writing, poetry and screenwriting skills to author the creative works: Black & Blue at Brown, Soliloquy XX and Orisha.

Screenplays include:
Freedom in Exile: Assata Shakur, La Vida es un Carnaval: Celia Cruz Canta, La Envidia and L'Noir. Shorts/scripts include: Sudar,  Madd As Saddam, Modern Day Slave Trade, B-Grrlz, [(See)d] and My Father Was a 33rd degree Mason. Soul works in actor, script supervisor, composer and director capacities in the NM Film industry. 

Sina-Aurelia was a key player in productions at The Providence Black Repertory Company, founded by Donald W. King.  Over a 10-year period, Soul acquired in excess of 1.2 million in funding, via her grant writing efforts, from the N.E.A., the Rockefeller Foundation and a host of other foundations.  Her theatrical and musical works have been produced and performed on stages throughout the nation including George Houston Bass' Rites & Reason Theater, Trinity Repertory Theater, Perishable Theater and The Blue Note (NYC). 


Sina Soul dances
with Rulan Tangen's DANCING EARTH, and is Musical Director, Griot and Lead Vocalist of the International Tour WALKING AT THE EDGE OF WATER for Rulan Tangen's Internationally Renowned Indigenous Dance Company DANCING EARTH. Soul is the Writer, Director and  Architect of THE AFRICAN ROOTS OF JAZZ
ROOTS OF HIP HOP CULTURE: From African  to Native Crop to Bebop to Hip Hop.


For the past decade, Soul has been the Strategic Director and the VP Director of Grant writing and Funds Acquisition for
©®™2015.  N.M.R.H.I.M.E.S.©®™2015 is a 501c3 not for profit organization of artists, agronomists, and academics whom utilize MUSIC to educate & to promote sustainable living and enterprise in Art, Agriculture, Sciences and Information Technologies. The organization reinvents EDUCATION via holistic vertical integration of Indigenius* Industries.

Our 501c3 collaborative coordinates supply/demand necessities for disenfranchised parties in Africa, the Diaspora, the Caribbean and the Americas via the Reverse Triangle trade model & innovative integration of local artisans and musicians. We equip them with skills to work collaboratively to meet localized community needs through trade, outreach & music to provide education and support services.
NMRHIMES©®™2015 is the Future, heralded internationally as the leading specialists in MUSIC CUSTOMIZATION for use in SUSTAINABILITY to attain SPECIFIC MEASURABLE OUTCOMES such as heightened yield in plant growth, test score increase amongst challenged populations and advanced cutting-edge therapies.
Soul & Bowe are the co-CEOs of NM Musicworks

MUSICWORKS©®™2015 believes that music works as an impetus and vehicle for improved academic performance among children and youth, and is a viable means for teaching educational fundamentals such as reading, writing, math, science, history and art. MusicWorks©®™2015
believes that music works as a therapeutic tool in communities and populations with challenges, such as autism, mildly/moderately/severely retarded, elderly, invalid, hearing impaired, visually impaired, autistic, at-risk, terminally ill and the depressed.
New Mexico MusicWorks©®™2015
believes that music works as a unifying agent in communities of color and is an effective tool for conflict resolution, diversification communication, and crisis intervention; whereas it demonstrates cross-cultural commonalities amongst communities and individuals at odds surrounding racial, gender, socioeconomic, familial or other issues. Soul is a master practitioner of this art. 

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